Quick Launch blueprint


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful and proven business solution that will provide you with a positive return on investment without having to empty your pockets

Walk with experts through your business process and have them spell out for you exactly what to expect

With 80% to 90% of the development already done, you can be up and running in weeks

what is Quick launch blueprint?

The FASTEST way to adopt a CRM

The FASTEST way to adopt a CRM

Built within the Microsoft Dynamics Platform

Specifically designed to introduce your organization to Microsoft D365 with rapid turn around time and impact on day-to-day business operations. The solution was born from over 25 years of experience in CRM industry primarily on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The process and implementation in Quick Launch Blueprint (QLB) leverages experiences on over 100+ projects. We utilize features that each organization requires to be more effective and efficient. The objective is to make Dynamics 365 a tool that will evolve in the future.

"Dynamics as easy as running a 10k race starting at the 7k point"


QLB is able to manage all of your contacts and organizations in one system that integrates with Outlook. Track all of your interactions, opportunities and communications in order to get a 360 degree view of your customers, suppliers, and anyone you work with.

case management

Help give your customers excellent service by managing your cases in QLB. Make sure cases are properly documented and followed up to ensure customer satisfaction.

multilingual ready

As a North American company, our design is fully functional in English, French and Spanish. The only translation work needed will be if you require customized fields. By utilizing our pre-designed bilingual templates, we will save valuable time and money in getting your system live.

opp0rtunity management

QLB helps you manage your sales opportunities to maximize your chances to win more deals. Don’t lose track of potential sales by keeping track of all activities related to each opportunity and properly progress it through your sales funnel.


QLB includes three security access roles for managing users’ access to information in the system; a general access role, a manager role and a system administrator role. If your company is dealing with confidential information, security roles may be configured to ensure that only those with clearance to see it have access.

office 365 integration

Powered by Dynamics 365, QLB benefits from being integrated with the Office 365 family of software. This includes integration points with Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote.

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